my story

I am Sophia Georgiopoulou and I came to jewelry making later in my life.
In spring 2004, I gave up teaching and academia to become a goldsmith.
Everyone thought I was going through an early mid-life crisis
but I was very happy to finally follow my passion for making.
 I took classes in goldsmithing, I apprenticed, worked hard and in December 2010,
my studio Kosmimata was born in the basement garage of our house in Athens, Greece.
A year later to the day, our family moved to Seattle, Washington, US.
My Seattle studio opened officially in September 2012.

I named my studio Kosmimata*, the ancient Greek word for jewels, because of my studies
in the Classics and of my love for the jewelry making traditions of ancient times.

For me, jewels are talismans that distill in their shapes all that is beautiful in the world.
My pieces are wearable small artifacts that speak the formal language
of the jewel's evolution through time in theirelaborate hand carved details, 
rounded granulated forms and textures and in their high karat golds,
silver, pearls and luminous gemstones.

I hand fabricate and hand finish my pieces. They are all made by me, in my studio,
without the help of any assistants, using traditional goldsmithing techniques
that have remained unchanged through millennia.
Whenever possible the metals are recycled and the gemstones ethically mined .

I use a few, simple tools, fire and my hands to transform metal and gemstone into heirlooms. 
All of my work bears traces of my goldsmith's tools and hands.

I do not make production work or follow popular jewelry trends in my work.
I cultivate and nurture my own voice and my belief that a jewel
"should not mean, but be" and by "being" create meaning.

I hope that my pieces impart to their wearer beauty, history, elegance
and a connection to all that is marvelous in this world.

*kosmimata: jewels, from the all important ancient Greek word kosmos, signifying
order; natural order, universal order; form, fashion; government; ornament, decoration; honor; microcosm