Sophia Georgiopoulou is a Byzantinist turned goldsmith. In 2004 she gave up teaching and academia to learn to work with metal. Her studio Kosmimata opened in December 2010 in the basement garage of her house in Athens, Greece. A year later to the day, her family and her studio relocated to Seattle, Washington, US. Sophia named her studio Kosmimata*, the ancient Greek word for jewels, because of her studies in the Classics and of her love for the jewelry making traditions of ancient times.

Kosmimata jewels are wearable, small artifacts that speak the formal language of the jewel's evolution through time in their ornate details, rounded granulated forms and in their high karat golds, silver, pearls and luminous gemstones.

Whether talisman, amulet, ornament, memory, token or historical artifact, a jewel does not require elaborate and erudite explanations about its significance. It weaves an intricate dialogue with its time, the body of the wearer, the intention of the giver and the skill of the maker just by coming into being.

Sophia hand fabricates and hand finishes her pieces. They are all one of a kind, made by her, in the studio, without the help of any assistants, using traditional, millennia old goldsmithing techniques. Whenever possible the metals are recycled and the gemstones ethically mined .

Kosmimata jewels evoke a sense of beauty, history, elegance and a connection to all that is marvelous in this world.

*kosmimata: jewels, from the all important ancient Greek word kosmos,
signifying order; natural order, universal order; form, fashion; government; ornament, decoration; honor; microcosm