Kosmimata Jewelry Care

When not worn, please store your Kosmimata jewelry (especially the silver ones) in a jewelry box or cloth bag away from humidity and air. Jewelry cleaners and/or polishing cloths should not be used at all on any of your Kosmimata pieces.

All cosmetic products and perfume should be applied BEFORE you put on your Kosmimata jewelry. Pearls, gemstones and oxidized silver are especially sensitive to chemicals. Please remove your pieces when swimming, showering or bathing, exercising, doing housework and before going to bed.

Solid gold retains its beautiful glow but even gold can get dirty over time. Wash with a mild soap and warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

White silver will darken/oxidize naturally over time. If necessary wash with a mild soap and warm water and dry immediately and thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Oxidized silver pieces have had their surface treated with a patina that is very sensitive to chemicals and cleaners. Store your darkened silver jewelry separately in a jewelry box or cloth bag, away from sharp objects that may damage the dark finish.

Pieces embellished with these sensitive materials should NEVER come into contact with chemicals, sharp objects, perfume and cosmetic products.
Please treat your Kosmimata pieces gently! They are hand fabricated and delicate. If they fall on the ground or get knocked about they might get damaged.

I am happy to refinish any of my oxidized/darkened silver pieces. Please contact me for more information.