earring challenge 2018

Joined the Earring Challenge for 2018 by Mary Hilton Karg
(make a pair of earrings a week for 52 weeks)

Old World Earrings
Pair 1 of 52
Sterling silver, fire citrine,
vintage Czech amber glass drops

Coral Leaves
Pair 3 of 52
Sterling silver, antique Italian coral beads, silk;
hand fabricated, granulation, hand textured

Amethyst Ribbons
Sterling silver, amethyst, antique glass beads,
hand forged ear wires

Nimueh Earrings
Pair 2 of 52
 Sterling silver, fine silver, 18kgold, 14k gold, polymer clay cabochons by Kelly Russell, aquamarine, blue topaz

Water Earrings
Pair 4 of 52
Three asymmetrical sterling silver, white topaz,
peridot, tourmaline; hand fabricated