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The Rose Garden Series - First Bloom

In the beginning there was one red rose,  unfolding its petals in wax -

Then came the blossoms of silver and stone

and the beautiful portrait of the multifoliate rose between them.


The roses and the stones grew long, elegant stems

and a bloom of darkness on their petals.

The stems curled and the stones were cradled in the hearts of the roses

The Rose Garden Earrings

The Symbolic Nature of Jewelry

Hand fabricated wedding bands in 14k white gold
for a wonderful young couple that has marked
the milestones of their relationship with my pieces.
Thank you, M and K! 

"Something New"
Hand fabricated sterling silver and cultured pearl
Trellis Earrings to match the bride' s engagement ring.

Milestones of a relationship marked by Kosmimata Jewels.

Fleur de Rose Series

Amulet rings abound in the early Gothic novels and have given consolation and protection to many motherless, lonely Gothic heroines as they flee through the gloom of the dungeon toward salvation and light. Inspired by and made for love and lovers of old things and dusty books, windswept moors and castles full of wonder, creaking armor and orphaned heroines, the Fleur de Rose Ring is a tribute to the shielding, apotropaic powers of motherhood, family and love

The pieces of the Fleur de Rose Series are antiqued, textured and bear tool marks to evoke relics and heirlooms of times past.

Fleur de Rose Series
Sterling silver, pearls, garnet, diamonds; hand fabricated
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