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"Gold to an Airy Thinness Beat" Necklace

The "old masters were never wrong about"
beauty and craftsmanship.
Greek 18th century 22k gold filigree elements
to be restored and adorn a new pearl necklace.

The ornate 22k gold filigree elements were
carefully cleaned and gently buffed, their connecting links examined
and restored, where necessary, and then hand knotted on pre-stretched
silk with cultured golden natural pearls in between.

Step Series

The idea for the Step Series came to me about two months ago while I read how almost daily in the Middle East ignorance and fanaticism destroy ancient artifacts of untold beauty.

Revisiting my old photos to look again at the sun-bleached marbles of the ancient civilizations strewn about the Asia Minor landscape, I realized that I could, in my own small way, preserve the marvelous, stark lines of these wonderful achievements of the people who came before us, by creating one of a kind pieces built with the same love of beauty and form.

The Step Series pieces in the images above are all available in my online shop. They are all one-of-a-kind, created with immense admiration and respect for the ancient makers and artists whose work inspired them.
In my own work they represent a step toward a simpler, well-wrought, meaningful form.