One Earring A Day Creative Challenge 2015

On January 1, 2015, I joined Victoria Takahashi's creative challenge One Earring a Day. Since then I have made 144 single, asymmetrical, beautiful earrings, most of them hand fabricated and/or hand forged, listed them in my online shop, sold most of them, sometimes with their identical pairs (made at the request of the clients - the symmetrical earring gene still reigns supreme) and thoroughly enjoyed being part of this creative challenge together with 70 other jewelers.

Yesterday, I calculated that since the 1st of January 2015, I have made give or take around 200 earrings (single or paired); this number alone is an indication for me to stop before my earrings start becoming repetitive or boring.

I will still contribute to the creative challenge as a spectator and a buyer but I feel the need to move on to different projects that are currently waiting on my bench.

Thank you, Victoria Takahashi, for making this a wonderful creative challenge and always providing inspiration to the rest of us. And a great big heartfelt thank you to all you wonderful women, friends and clients, that made most of my earrings your own.