A Legacy of Simplicity and Skill

Eight months ago I found myself in a terrible creative rut. I looked around my studio, cluttered with  tools and materials, every shelf and surface overflowing with things and I felt stifled and overwhelmed. A new, bigger studio was needed the soonest possible or my creativity would never return - or so I thought.

On the second week of my search for a larger studio, I was given the book Legacy as a gift. The string of old, well-worn tools on its cover did not prepare me for the treasures within. I read the book cover to cover in one day and my world shifted. The stark photos of the West African metalsmiths’ studios came into a direct contrast with the sublime workmanship and richness of the pieces they produce. 

I am now in my much smaller studio in the garden of our new home and I do not think I have been happier. The lessons of simplicity and skill taught by this book
are beginning to reflect in my work. Simpler, minimalist forms, metal worked primarily by hand and primal, symbolic shapes are returning to visit my pieces.