I am Sophia of Kosmimata. I design and hand fabricate uncommon jewels in high karat gold, silver and other inspiring materials.


My pieces are sold through the Kosmimata Shop on this website and by appointment at my Seattle studio. 


I tried to think of words to explain how my pieces come into being but I was not very successful.
So I gathered images that show directly and powerfully the worlds my jewelry comes from and lives in.
A piece might start as a drawing on paper or chiseled directly onto gold or silver sheet and then pierced or domed.
As it progresses, it might change direction and instead of a necklace become a pair of earrings.
Gemstones speak for themselves as they gather the metal around them, giving meaning to form..

I am always exploring the rounded, three-dimensional hollow form that
has motion and is self-sufficient. My work constantly calls upon similar shapes
made by the ancient goldsmiths of the East, tracing a link to the long line of makers that came before me.

My pieces are meant to be worn, enjoyed, touched and handed down to the generations to come.
They are talismans that articulate through their primal forms the unchanging connections
between us and the marvelous world around us.


It is next to impossible
to exactly follow the path that inspiration takes
when it translates a fleeting image, sound or smell into something tangible, 
formed of metal and stone. Below are six examples of jewels I have created, 
collaged with the art work that inspired them


Client Comments on Kosmimata


 This Diary records my thoughts about jewelry making, news from
my bench and my pieces, as they evolve from ideas into metal.

The Kosmimata Shop features my high carat gold and silver work
as well as some art jewelry pieces in non-traditional materials. 
It is the only venue through which I sell my work
other than by appointment at my Seattle studio.